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Digital Photo Book


I am so excited that my digital photo book "SEASCAPES FOR THE SOUL" is ready. It is a total of 26 pages and features some of my most well-loved photos and inspiring quotes. I truly hope it will bring joy, light and beauty into your life, especially during these challenging time.

"Images captured in moments of awe, joy of living
and love for all creation can open our hearts"

I hope these images will touch yours


You will be able to download it directly as a PDF and view in your browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader or even in your Kindle. In addition you will receive a link to view it online in large format as a Flip Book.

The Special Price for this Bundle is $9.90

payment is easy via PayPal or credit card

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It is my great pleasure  to share this new book with you and I hope the photos and quotes will bring you as much joy as they brought me capturing and creating them.

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