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how it works


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​Our Preparation


We start with phone consultation so I can learn a little more about you, your pets and what you’d like me to capture during your photo session.


We can hold the photo session at your house or your and your pet's favorite place .  Almost all of my work is done outside, with the exception of some pets who may not go outside, I hold those sessions at their homes.



Most sessions are held either early in the morning or late in the day, as that is when the light is best.


Your Photo Shoot

Some clients are concerned that their pet might not "behave" during the photo session. I capture images of your companion in their natural environment and follow their flow and movements. So their will be no need to pose, sit still or "behave". Their is no restriction, I will roll with your pet in the sand, on the carpet and follow it into the water, to get the most beautiful shots true to its nature.


Within seven business days of your shoot, you will get to see and choose your images online.


I work with a select few clients a month so I can give you my full attention throughout the creative process. The Soul-O-Pets experience was created with you and your special companion in mind.

My goal is to capture heartfelt photos of your pet, reflecting their spirit

and the true connection they share with you.






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