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My Desktop is Underwater ~ Free Screensavers

I sat my desktop underwater with one of my favorite underwater photos and wanted to share it ~ here is a little GIFT for you. I have uploaded 3 photos that you can easily download, save and turn into your screensaver. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. I have chosen the first photo so it truly looks like my desktop is "underwater" ~ I love it.

If you are on Instagram I invite you to have a look @dreamscapeimages and maybe become friends with me there and follow me.

Today's newsletter is not as "deep" in words but a bit more light~hearted and colorful ~ I hope you enjoy it and have fun with the screensavers :)

"Images captured in moments of awe, joy of living and love for all creation can open our hearts, I hope these images will touch yours"

Island Greetings


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